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VP vs. FaZe at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

FaZe have a really good record against VP and go into this game with a really good chance of an upset. They have been working hard to remedy their mistakes and poor performances, even releasing a statement, informing everyone from now on they are going to behave like athletes, and treat it as a full time job. This is encouraging, but perhaps Rain’s gf just flying in will be the kind of distraction they don’t need as they gear up for important matches.

VP seem to be in some what of a slump, but the thing with VP is, they can snap out of it at any point and play to the plow level everyone knows they have. They have incredibly experienced players, and in Snax a player who can change a game in a moment of magic, and turn the momentum back towards them.

This will be an incredibly close game, and the pistol sides will be hugely important. With FaZe’s record over VP, I would have to give them the edge in this first game, knowing full well that they have been practicing hard recently, and should be in a good shape. I would suggest going LOW on FaZe on CSGL, and picking them to win at least 8.5 or 12.5 rounds on Fanobet as a slightly safer bet.

My odds for this match: VP 50:50 FaZe

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This is the FIRST game between these two on Lounge. Map is TRAIN. 


Virtus Pro

We actually have not seen much of Virtus Pro at all recently, well for some time. They were kinda grinding, doing their thing, then I guess their matches ended and we did not see them for about a month until they had to attend the DreamHack Leipzig and well, got destroyed by Mouz and Dignitas I believe it was, and they went back home, and we haven’t seen them singe, that was on the 22nd of January. So realistically speaking, I’ve no idea what to expect from Virtus Pro, will they get plowed like they did by Dignitas once again, or will they be Virtus Plow, the good old tier 1 team that we all know? I feel like Virtus Pro slowly but surely are going off, like a…a….insert a food that like gets old really slowly, I’m lost, my culinary skills are not on point today. But yeah, I do feel VP are slowly but surely getting worse as time goes on, I just haven’t seen them really bring the Plow much these days, sure there has been an occasion here and there, however not enough to really impress me. They aren’t making any roster changes either, and some of their players are really slacking. Don’t want to down talk Virtus Pro too much, however my confidence levels are not high. Map is Train, you could perhaps argue it is VP’s best map, they just have a lot of good maps, however not any particular extravagantly good maps, however Train is pretty up there so keep that in mind.


FaZe up boys. No but ahm seriously, obviously the lineup with Maikelele, Rain, Aizy, Fox and Jkaem here. Historically actually, this lineup, while of course for the most part with Dennis instead of Aizy, has beaten Virtus Pro, kinda ironic how after Pasha said that this team has no chance, VP are yet to beat them I believe.  This team obviously stands out to have a lot of skill in it, a lot of it, however a lot of inconsistency comes with that. On a good day, this team can be absolutely lethal, however from past recent performances, they have demonstrated the other side of their play, and like Myzz said they released a statement how they have been treating this whole thing wrong, it’s their job so they have to treat it like a job so beginning from then they will start taking practicing and what not more serious, so that can only be a plus really. Train is not the best of maps for FaZe here, sure they can play it and what not however I don’t 100% like them on it. FaZe has beaten VP on this map twice before, 16:14 and 16:13 so that does not make our case any easier, however that’s that.


Honestly this is really hard to call, we do not know what VP will play like, we haven’t seen them in ages and that’s not good. Have they been practicing? Resting? Who knows. The map favors Virtus Pro I feel, however I do not want to count FaZe out, they’ve beaten VP on it twice before, with really close scorelines however. For me this will all come down to who lands their shots, FaZe is really good at getting BO1 upsets due to their playstyle, and the general ability of their players to clutch and have ridiculously high impact rounds consistently. This is honestly a 50-50 for me, and I mean you could even argue that FaZe should be favored here. Really high risk game.


Overall I do feel like playing the odds is the only good thing here. For me it is a 50-50, so I will simply be betting 2-3% on the underdog, which will most likely be FaZe which I am ok with. Really high risk game so low bets only please.

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Underdog

My advice = 2-3 Underdog.


My odds for this match: VP 50:50 FaZe


We haven’t seen anything out of VP recently except them getting destroyed on lan 1/2 weeks ago. They lost 2 matches on lan against Mousesports and Dignitas, sure they aren’t the worst teams but VP overall are known as the old veterans who are always insane on lan and not so good online, VP as of now are hard to predict as we haven’t seen anything of them recently. FaZe on the other hand have worked extremely hard past days and I’ve heard they’re improving a lot, the fragging power on FaZe is simply insane as they have Aizy, Rain and Jkaem and these 3 players should be able to out-aim VP.


As I stated above, FaZe’s fragging power feels a bit too big for VP as of now. I have this gut feeling that FaZe will take this match on Train fairly easily as they should be able to win all the aim duels, as of now, let’s not go too big because we haven’t seen a lot of VP like I said. Anyway, I do expect FaZe to win this match on Train.


Low on FaZe for now, want to see how both teams play after being inactive around the scene for a while. 5% of your inventory.

My odds for this match: VP 45:55 FaZe