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Winner mouz
Live Odds
VP 70
mouz 30
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Match Predictions

Mouz have been boot camping hard in preparation for this event and their form seems to have slowly improved as we moved closer towards today. They are trying out with NiKo calling, which could be a good or bad thing, as he is also one of their best fraggers. The balance for me in their roster still feels off, and I am curious how they will do today.

We have not really seen VP in what feels like forever. Judging from their steams, which are all 80 hours or more, they have been practicing as well a lot recently. I still expect them to start slowly as it is the first even after the new year,

With this being a BO1, it is really hard to bet on the overdog, as anything can happen when it is two good teams. VP do have a good record against mouz, but I do still think it is worth going LOW/ICB on the underdog as the risk vs reward is too high to bet HIGH in a BO1. If mouz were to win both pistols, which they easily could do, that is already 6 rounds on a potentially CT biased map. It can make a massive difference in a BO1, which is why so many upsets happen.

With the odds how they are, LOW/ICB on mouz or SKIP.

Edit : With the map being  D2, I don’t really favour mouz THAT much you can still risk an ICB/LOW if you wish but I would probably skip this one.

My odds for this match: VP 65:35 mouz





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