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WinterFox vs. EchoFox at ECS Predictions

So apparently EchoFox are going through serious issues with their roster, some players want to leave and stuff like that, another thing is that summit joined their roster on ESEA and he could play instead, he’s most likely replacing ryx but if he were to replace seangares, then EchoFox would absolutely fall apart, he’s the main pillar of this team and they would have no chance to beat WinterFox without him.

WinterFox are the clear favorites to win here and knowing this is a best of 2 their chances are even higher, I’m personally very confident with WinterFox here and honestly I already placed a max bet on them, however EchoFox is a team of great individual players and there is a possibility of an upset, very unlikely to happen but still possible, they had a decent run in ESEA Premier and even made it to playoffs, however few weaker teams like Noble, Obey Alliance and Ze Pug Godz managed to upset EchoFox.

WinterFox managed to get a couple of decent results recently, 2-0 over Obey, 16-3 against Luminosity, 2-0’d compLexity and even beat Team Liquid, I haven’t seen them lose to any weaker teams and they should easily take one map off of EchoFox. I sugged a medium bet on Winterfox here, they should be able to win or tie here.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 70:30 EchoFox

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On paper a really scary match up but in reality … not so much IMO. WinterFox might be the most inconsistent pro-team of NA but they’re still a pro-team for a reason, they can just be extremely good when on point.

EchoFox on the other hand might be a bit overrated here mainly because of the players they have but this team hasn’t done that good recently at all, infact, they’re having some internal issues and there’s rumors going on that they want to cut ryx. The reason of this is because (we all know ryx’s toxicity issues) he doesn’t want to play the role they tell him to do, he’s way too toxic and that’s just sad because he’s really a nutty player who could play for any pro-team.

Sure, WinterFox are inconsistent but with EchoFox having these internal issues … I don’t expect them to pick up two maps here. I expect WinterFox to get at least one and maybe even two. Going to suggest a low bet on WinterFox.

My odds for this match: WinterFox 65:35 EchoFox

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