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Best Of 3


Winner FSid3
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YP 15
FSid3 85
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Match Predictions

This one should be pretty easy for FlipSid3, they already beat YP not too long ago and it was quite one sided, this time FlipSid3 are on fire and their results are insane compared to what they did back then. FlipSid3 destroyed a couple of very strong teams recently, the most noticable wins were definitely against E-Frag and Gamers2 as FlipSid3 destroyed both of them in two very one sided best of 2’s, they also demolished PENTA, Nostalgie and Planetkey, the only closer match they had was against London Conspiracy as they tied it 1-1.

YP is a mediocre team with pretty bad results, they recently lost against Millenium, Gambit Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves, took a map off of FlipSid3 and somehow managed to beat London Conspiracy. YP’s lineup is quite strong but it just doesn’t seem like they have any strats or team play at all, they just run around and try to win aim duels, it used to work for them against lower teams but FlipSid3 will easily counter their playstyle.


My odds for this match: YP 75:25 FSid3






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