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Premium Features:

Realtime Odds Checker

We're tracking the CSGL odds every minute of the day, if the odds change drastically from an upcoming match you'll see the switch on the graphs.

More Predictions, More Detail

Premium members gain access to match predictions covering almost all matches on CS:GO Lounge. The lower tiered games are where our expert predictors can make a huge difference. Live odds, team stats and detailed analysis will give you the edge.

Connect with Predictors & Other Premium Members!

We've added a chat box for all Premium Members to use! All our predictors will actively chat with you about their predictions if you have any concerns or need any extra advice. This chat also sits next to the livestream in games allowing you to connect to other premium members during games!

Betting Calculator

New to betting or need to be more strict on the amount you bet? Let our bet calculator help, we can take your inventory value and recommend the amount you should bet betting on games to ensure you end up in profit at the end of the month.

Premium Giveaways

You didn't just think we would take from you, did you? We'll be running exclusive giveaways for premium members. Luxury skins and knives will be available to win for all paid members on a monthly basis. Ending the month and want an awesome new skin to show off to your friends? Don't worry, we got you covered!

Hot Picks

Everyone knows betting on all the games gain you no profit when it comes to betting on CS:GO! Focus those skins on the games that will gain you profit with our daily hot picks.

Community Predictions

See how much other members are betting on each game, a users rank helps you decide if they're worth listening to.

Community Predictions

View the upcoming bets of the top community predictors across the site.

Bet Tracking

Track each of your bets and see your performance and inventory growth over time and how it compares to other members.

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