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Rankings algorithm calculated from yield, call count, inventory, underdogs and hit rate. A minimum of 15 calls required to gain rank

1st DEN 2nd Woogleschnookum 3rd carL 2nd acct. 4th Sneaky Minaj 5th Singa <BitSkins.com> 6th Bisonn 7th [HkD] Ethik 8th Evan3 9th OGTheLowRezChicken 10th NiCHOKING 11th SlaM_JacK | csgohub.gg 12th Sleezy 13th parr1ta 14th MrBlaky kickback-com 15th :(( 16th hhhhhhhhhhhhhh CSGOHUB.GG 17th Plextay | CSGOEgg.com 18th Toshi 19th NOOB MEISTER 20th GrecDeFreckle [TRADING] 21st Chox92 | csgohub.gg 22nd the wasp is a lie 23rd ZirniTra 24th Warren Lee-Young 25th NXP 26th Dominator CSGORage-com 27th Moulman 28th Standin. Ah Wei ™ 29th EL zenzoR - CC Gummyrot Skull 30th DaTruthZ 31st Fuelup 32nd Skyder -SkyDeck-OnlyIsADream 33rd GuardiaN7 34th Mr. Savage 35th Vogel "drZ" Käfig 36th Pukko 37th Excursive 38th goodfella 39th triggered 40th Cauê1 CSGOHUB.GG 41st Remilia Scarlet 42nd TheMightyCrane 43rd Le-byhr 44th Equilibrium - BitSkins.com 45th PB 46th KOKOMEISTER 47th Franki. CSGOHUB.GG 48th cAre 49th FollowKevn | CSGORumble.com 50th Corvo 51st Pr0din twitch-tvkyyr4 52nd KUMIANKKA l Weeirdo 53rd TsuM 54th SteamUser148 55th Pussy nigga pease 56th Gentleman III 57th Rane2211 58th OniT 59th CRPL 60th Sheriff - L1ptonsheep 61st Mr Mntn kickback-com 62nd never lucky 63rd Zhanos 64th foever 65th Dose 66th LoneHog 67th meepinsMONSTA 68th Adolf der Heiler kickback-com 69th Pingu ^v^ 70th Nitrate csgohub.gg 71st Drift 72nd FullMetal Retard 73rd Luminary 74th PASTAMEISTER 75th Hestetun 76th Shark-mTz 77th Kryptic 78th MaRu CSGOHOUSE-COM 79th Thornhegel 80th Isham Ali Rasheed Al-Affaldheeri 81st NitoxDoan 82nd sad awp monk 83rd daN 84th Art 85th Gifchen 86th ExpressioN | CSGOhub.gg 87th KinG' 88th Arkeo 25 89th Oskedetwitch 90th ssuk 91st Spree 92nd .:GieTe:. | Coach/Team?

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