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Our Official Statement Regarding the Valve Letter

Whilst we haven’t had a letter, the news of Valve’s apparent clampdown on some of the major CSGO gambling and betting websites came as a surprise to us all. Whilst there are still some questions over the legitimacy of the letter, the response from the sites in question has given us enough reason to apply the benefit of the doubt.

The good news is that most of our content and services sit on the sidelines of all of this, so we’ll continue to operate as normal. I’ve listed our sites and a quick breakdown of any effects below…

CSGOHUB & Dota2Hub: Predictions
www.csgohub.gg & www.dota2hub.gg

CSGOLounge are the biggest question mark for our members, what happens if Lounge goes down? Then there’s a LOT of users looking for somewhere else to bet. We’ll do everything we can to cover the wide range of alternatives who are unaffected by this Valve clampdown. Companies like Fanobet will remain open –personally I prefer Fanobet due to the fixed odds anyway. We’ll ensure our predictors coverage remains on the hunt for any profitable matches.

Our Future Plans

  • We’re busy working on new expansions across our predictions site including a revamp of our premium package.
  • Our ‘community tipsters’ profiles will get a major overhaul giving you more control and customisation than ever.
  • The ability to follow and subscribe your favourite tipsters and predictors to ensure you never miss a call.
  • And many more….

So whilst Lounge are an unknown quantity right now, we do betting analysis, we do it well and we’ll continue to focus our energies on delivering the best service we possibly can!

CSGOHUB : Jackpot

Jackpot had it’s soft-launch the day before the storm hit, in light of the latest news we’ve taken the decision to postpone our CSGOHUB : Jackpot project for the immediate future until we have a clearer understanding Valve’s intentions. Hopefully we’ll be able to open it back up soon.

We’ve closed deposits to the site but will continue to leave withdrawals open. We’ve even stocked it up with some extra skins below the 0.45hp mark for any users who had credits below 1hp. 

CSGOHUB: Giveaways

This site is nothing but a child, it’s totally innocent, no bots, no gambling and free skins, this site rocks and will continue to give away a free skin every day of the year!

All the best



Written by LEX


Worked as a web developer in a busy web agency outside London before making a break away from corporate websites. Teamed up with Para to rebuild csgobetting.guru from the ground up and transform it into csgohub.gg.

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