Taking CS:GO Predictions to the next level

CSGOHUB is a year old!

Today we’re celebrating our 1st birthday as CSGOHUB! It was actually last week but we missed it!

In one year we’ve released a whopping 5,352 predictions for CSGOHUB!

CSGOHUB was a reformation of csgobetting.guru, a site which had run since November 2014. We thought we’d go down memory lane with this post…

December 2014 – CSGOBETTING.GURU

Para launched this site as a hobby project after starting a job as a web designer. The site aimed to be a place for him to write predictions as a way of giving back to the community. There wasn’t any membership, just a team of keen predictors. The site became a huge success in just a few months with a large amount of visitors. With the increase in traffic, the costs for servers and times started to rise with it.


June 2015 – Breaking point

The site was costing more and more each month to keep running but still only earning a small amount from advertising. With a full-time job elsewhere Para couldn’t be expanded to include all the new ideas. Whilst the predictors worked for small contributions the longterm future of the site required a consistent stream of income from somewhere.

July 2015 – Teaming up for something new

In July 2015 Para teamed up with an existing premium betting group called PsychoLulz to merge into csgobetting.guru under a new name, CSGOHUB. Lex was also brought in to lead the development of the site into a true ‘Hub’ for CSGO betting with a new wealth of tools and features such as multiple predictors per match, odds trackers, match statistics, team & player stats as well as a new membership structure to try to ensure the longterm future of the site.

August 2018 – Launch

Switching csgobetting.guru to point at csgohub.gg meant the site rose to rapid success under a great reception from new and old users. Despite the new subscription requirements the site kept true to it’s csgobetting.guru roots and kept a number of match predictions free to view each day.

November 2018 – PARALEX 

CSGOHUB was no longer a hobby. With membership numbers climbing and a more complex and busier site to manage, the time demands became even greater. Trying to juggle two full-time jobs wasn’t working so in November 2018 Para and Lex found backing to secure the start of a new web development company named ‘PARALEX Media’ as a way of being able to devote fulltime attention to CSGOHUB.

January 2018 – Bet Tracking & Tipsters

The CSGO community is a wealth of knowledgeable bettors and even the most experienced bettors were subscribing to CSGOHUB as a way of validating their own ideas on where their bet should go. To encourage these users to share their tips, we introduced ‘Community Tipsters’ to help bring in the widest range of information for users to use when placing their bet. This was one of the biggest updates in the year and is still vastly popular today.

August 2018 – 1 year old and back to where we started… Free predictions!

Circling right back round to the beginning August saw a collection of updates to take us back to where it all began, free match predictions! Whilst we know we can’t run the website without your subscription support, we still want to give back to the community. So, we’ve introduced a new update to ensure all match predictions from Predictors or Tipsters are free to view 30 minutes before the start of the match (don’t worry, premium members still get predictions straight away as well as a host of other features).

Thank you to all of our subscribers who have been with us over the year, we’re always keen to update/change to suit you, let us know any suggestions or feedback in the forum.

Here’s to the next year! Huzzahh!

FYI: if you want to sign up for a full year, we’re running a discounted price of 14 keys for the year if you sign now. This is for a limited time only. 

Written by LEX


Worked as a web developer in a busy web agency outside London before making a break away from corporate websites. Teamed up with Para to rebuild csgobetting.guru from the ground up and transform it into csgohub.gg.

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