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July Loyalist Giveaway

AK-47 Vulcan (FN)

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Entry Points
Blue TitaniumTec-9 / FNL.E.F.T.
Ice CapTec-9 / MWAmineZ™ csgohub.gg
BasiliskM4A1-S / FTThe_Legendary_I
Violent DaimyoFive-SeveN / FTTerrorPenguin CSGORage.com
Sun in LeoAWP / WWScaVen | CSGODiceGame.com
Emerald PinstripeAK-47 / BSHyperFun 13.6.2016 <3 <3 <3
CartelAK-47 / MWJones csgohub.gg

Any unclaimed prizes roll over to a new winner at the end of the current raffle

Redline PackKuma [csgohub.gg]
Stattrack FT P250 AsiimovRambo CSGOHUB.GG
AK-47 Fuel InjectorNope