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August Loyalist Giveaway

AK-47 Case Hardened

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Entry Points
Elite BuildP90 / FNjanett
Amber FadeR8 Revolver / FTjannikrouthe
StatTrak™ Elite BuildAK-47 /
BioleakMP9 / FNPritty CSGOHUB.GG
Green AppleNova / MW✠..FastVaRial..✠ TRADE
Royal LegionGlock-18 / WW♦MR.BULL3T♦

Any unclaimed prizes roll over to a new winner at the end of the current raffle

AK-47 Vulcan (FN)Zoko91ᴬᴱ | CSGOHUB.GG
Redline PackD_Smith
Stattrack FT P250 AsiimovRambo CSGOHUB.GG