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Chiefs vs. Imm at Counter Pit League Predictions

These teams have played each other before, and it’s close each time. They played each other about a month ago in a BO3, and the last map actually ended in triple overtime. Chiefs ended up winning 2-1, but obviously it could have gone either way. Two months ago Chiefs faced Immunity on Cache, and Immunity took it 16-13.

Only bad thing about Chiefs is that they’ve only played one match in the last few weeks. That was against Trident, a 2-0 win. The first map was easily Chiefs, but the second map could have gone either way. Trident are one of the weakest teams in Australia (and New Zealand) and they probably should have taken that a little easier. One player to look out for on Chiefs is the New Zealander, zewsy. He’s had some really great games in the past, and he seems like he can go big for his team any time. He averages about 20+ kills and should definitely be an impact player for Chiefs.

Immunity are considered to be the second best team in Australia right behind Renegades, and they’ve been to plenty of Lans with European and American teams. They’ve never gotten anything important done, but they’ve put up double digits against tough teams such as Virtus Pro before. The only Lan they’ve done well at was a 2-1 win against Cloud9 to face Virtus Pro in the finals, which they lost. As for online matches lately, they’ve been pretty good. While they lost to Chiefs a month ago, they’ve only played three games since then. A tie vs Exile5, a 2-0 against Trident, and a 2-0 against Legacy. The Legacy win is what impresses me. Legacy have been playing pretty well, and Immunity looked very good winning that.

Immunity have looked a little better lately, which is why I’m giving them the advantage. However Chiefs have contended with Immunity before, and it’s close every time. They’ve played 4 maps against each other, and each team has won 2. This will most likely be a 1-1, but with these odds it’s worth it going low on Chiefs. The odds will probably change, but as long as Immunity have over 60% go low on Chiefs.

My odds for this match: Chiefs 42:58 Imm

I’ll be honest here. I’m no expert on Oceania games despite myself being from Australia. Something that I do know though, is that many do think that Chiefs are one of the top teams along with Immunity and Renegades (Legacy too?). A lot of these Oceania games are very tempting low on the underdog bets because of the frequency and how inconsistently some of the teams play, and really, it’s just a hit or miss at this stage.


The Chiefs were last seen playing against Trident, and like every other team in the league, they had a 2-0 triumph over them. Under this lineup, the Chiefs have had some pretty up and down results (FaceIt BO1’s were a very up and down thing in terms of results) but on the 1st of November, the Chiefs beat Immunity at CG 2-1.



Some would say that Immunity are playing at a higher level than the Renegades at the moment, but imo they are around the same skill level. It is clear that Immunity have a slight skill advantage over the Chiefs though due to qualifying for international events and all of that good stuff.

We’ve seen Immunity play three matches quite recently, with the most recent one being last night against Legacy. Immunity won 2-0. Then as follows: 1-1 tie against Exile 5 (three nights before) and then a clear 2-0 win over Trident.

Final thoughts and advice

DO NOT BET ON THIS IF YOU’RE NOT 100% CONFIDENT. This match could go either way, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up as a tie. Immunity are inconsistent as hell but last nights showing against Legacy was quite convincing. Medium Immunity, but if odds are 25% and under for Chiefs, perhaps an ICB would be a better taste.

My odds for this match: Chiefs 30:70 Imm

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