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FlipSid3 vs. Natus Vincere Predictions

With SK Gaming getting 16-0’d by Renegades and fnatic/GODSENT shuffle I think it’s safe to say that Na’Vi is the best team in the world right now, not only because of these two things, but also because of their recent results, they replaced s1mple with Zeus and wrecked SK Gaming, Astralis and Gamers2 right after that change, that’s pretty insane considering that Zeus was their IGL (besides starix who’s their coach / igl). So out of those three matches Na’Vi played train three times and they won every single time, 16-8 against SK Gaming, 16-7 against Astralis and 16-11 against Gamers2, insane results.

Can’t say the same about FlipSid3, they played train twice and lost both matches, got demolished 6-16 by Gamers2 and lost 12-16 against Astralis, what’s even funnier is the fact that FlipSid3 played 9 maps in August and won only one, so they are 1/9 in August and that’s not a very good record if you ask me, can’t imagine FlipSid3 upsetting Na’Vi while being that bad.

That being said Na’Vi is the obvious pick here, nothing too crazy though, I’d go for a medium bet.

My odds for this match: FSid3 25:75 Na’Vi

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Fside vs Navi on Train and Overpass is basically putting them on two of their strongest maps. So far, Fside have looked really bad, but they have surprised Navi before and they should not be counted out. We did not see a lot of Navi so far with s1mple, but when we did see them, they looked incredibly strong. Fside would need to show a level they have not shown lately to take this and I am not sure they can reach this level. I think the chance for an upset to be higher on Overpass, but realistically, Navi should take both here, and betting on a 2-0 is a good bet. LOW on Navi on both maps for me here.

My odds for this match: FSid3 30:70 Na’Vi

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