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mouz vs. FG at ESL Predictions

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Fluffy Gangsters are a kind of CIS side that nobody really expects anything from but seems to always do well against the better CIS teams. They managed to beat ANOX, who are the old Method, a close loss to Empire, a 2-0 win over the old WP roster, and a 2-0 win over Empire. They have some good players in chopper and liTTle but I find it hard to believe these guys can stand up to the guys from mouz. Mouz have honestly not been in the best form lately, and need to raise their game at this event. Losses against fnatic, NiP twice and close wins over dignitas and FaZe were really not THAT impressive. Looking at the maps, they are hard to call. FLG seems to like Mirage and D2, and out of these 2, I could see D2 being played, which of course is an incredibly strong map for the mostly German side. Under 10% on FLG, I don’t really think you can bet on mouz in a BO1 at those odds.

My odds for this match: mouz 85:15 FG

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Option 1Bet mouz if odds 88% or less

Medium (7%)

high risk

This match is probably the easiest one we’ll see during this qualifier, Fluffy Gangsters is the worst team on the entire event and I can’t stand that they are actually playing in the qualifier while there are better teams that didn’t make it, so now Fluffy Gangsters are facing one of the toughest opponents on this qualifier and there is absolutely no chance for them to win this match, even with a best of one format, mousesports will not lose to Fluffy Gangsters.

The map won’t matter, mousesports will beat Fluffy Gangsters on any map, the skill gap between these teams and the players individually is just too high, I’d say this match is safe enough for multiple max bets.

My odds for this match: mouz 90:10 FG

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For some odd reason I have a slight, tingling feeling about Fluffy Gangsters here, I’ve no idea why, just got a strange feeling. With that out of the way, I do think that Mouz should be taking this easily. Mouse has been practicing hard for this tournament and even have a new coach so that should definitely help. I just feel that Mouz are individually too much for FluffyGangsters here. Now, FLG have actually impressed me quite a bit online over the past few months, when I saw them around I did not think of much, however result after result they started showing that they mean business, however that was online and you never know, random CIS team doing really well online all of a sudden, could be some fishy stuff so here on LAN this will be a very good test for them, unfortunately for them it is versus Mouz so even online this would be hard as heck. Unless Mouz just completely screw this up, I do not see them losing, or well they shouldn’t if you apply logic to it. Still a BO1 however, so I’d be careful none the less. 85-15 Mouz


8% Mouz

My odds = 85-15 Mouz

My risk = Med

My bet = 8% Mouz

My advice = 8% Mouz

My odds for this match: mouz 85:15 FG


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