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mouz vs. G2 at ESL Predictions


Alrighty lets not jump too far ahead of ourselves with G2 here. Think them having 72% versus Mouz in a BO1 is a pretty ridiculous sight I think. We have to remember that this is still good old inconsistent G2, and while yes they should be favored here, that much in a BO1 against a Mouz team that consists of Niko, ChrisJ and Nex? Ehm I’d check again. We have to admire G2’s recent success and good form, however we can not ignore the form of 2 or so months ago, and have to acknowledge the fact that their good form comes from the great, great form of both Shox and ScreaM right now, if they both are having a bad game here, which is possible, very possible, especially ScreaM, and Niko, ChrisJ and Nex are playing well, Mouz wins 100%. Of course all of the success is not on Shox and ScreaM, others have stepped up too, however the majority has been on the duo you can not ignore. Heck, even head to heads favor Mouz in this one here. I just hope Mouz goes really well, we can place our bets on them and get a really nice low odd upset here, but people will probably cope on in the coming hours that Mouz isn’t that bad so that’s unfortunate. Overall, not much to say here, Mouz can very easily upset here, however G2 should be favored slightly. 60-40 G2


3% G2 under 67% here, otherwise 3% Mouz

My odds = 60-40 G2

My risk = High

My bet = 3% G2 under 67% here, otherwise 3% Mouz

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: mousesports 40:60 G2

Option 1Bet G2 if odds 67% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

This match is way closer than people think, obviously Gamers2 are the favorites due to their amazing performance in the recent weeks, but they also had few bad matches and don’t forget how bad they are before they suddenly became one of the best teams in the world, for those who don’t remember – Gamers2 used to drop maps against teams like eSuba and even lost a series against Copenhagen Wolves, it wasn’t even that long ago, they have been performing very well lately though, their matches against HellRaisers and TyLoo were quite easy, not to mention their run on ELEAGUE as Gamers2 won every match very easily, besides the final best of three against NiP of course.

mousesports didn’t achieve anything special on lan events yet, but overall they are very good and their last encounter against Gamers2 was close, mousesports won the first map, lost the following two but both were pretty close, other than that mousesports also beat ENVYUS, dignitas, Cloud9, FaZe and Virtus.pro, lost a couple of matches against NiP, fnatic and FaZe but overall they are doing great.

So mousesports definitely have a great shot here, they already won maps against Gamers2 before and this is a best of one which is good for underdogs I guess, all pressure is on Gamers2 here. I’m not entirely sure about the map vetos, map shouldn’t really matter as both teams are great on pretty much any map, I would love to see mirage or dust2 though, one of these two maps would be great for mousesports.

My odds for this match: mousesports 45:55 G2

Follow @CSGOstan

Hard to call game because we have two sides that are historically inconsistent. G2 have looked really impressive lately, but you don’t need to go back THAT far to see a time when they lost against a lot of lesser sides. They have stepped their game up enormously since then, but you only have to look at their final game in the ELEAGUE against NiP to see what can happen to them when things go wrong. Mouz have not really looked great so far, and really rely on nex and chrisj playing well, or they have almost no chance of winning. I could see this game being on Cache or D2 and both maps are really good for both sides. I would have to favour G2 here, as their overall play has been higher lately, but mouz for sure have a chance. 67-33 for me, and bet accordingly.

My odds for this match: mousesports 35:65 G2

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Option 1Bet G2 if odds 67% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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