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Winner NiP
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NiP 89 11
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This is NiP’s first official match with pyth, they haven’t played a single one with the new roster yet, normally I wouldn’t expect much of any team right after roster changes, but I just feel like NiP got used to playing with their core and a different 5th. NiP were playing quite well right before they decided to cut allu, they managed to beat a couple of top teams like fnatic, VirtusPro and few more.

E-Frag are in a problematic situation right now, they playing in Minor Qualifiers but had to use a stand in since dream3r was not allowed to play due to his VAC ban, E-Frag used pNshr instead, and I believe they practiced with him for the qualifiers, which could mean they didn’t play that much with dream3r. E-Frag is a decent tier 2 team and they pulled off many upsets against top teams before, I just don’t think they can beat the new NiP roster in such an important tournament, I’d heavily favor NiP here and would rather bet on them.

My odds for this match: NiP 70:30






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